Psychological Services – What to Expect

psychologistA good counselor or psychologist can bring about a very positive change in your life and literally save you from what you considered insurmountable difficulties. However, many people are still hesitant about going into therapy, as they are not quite sure what to expect from it. Still others have the wrong expectations. We are the team of Psychological Counseling Services Steven J Davis PhD, a center based in Akron, OH, and we would like to offer you more information on what to expect from a therapist. We hope that this will help you make the very important decision whether to use psychological services or not.

  1. A psychotherapist will not solve the problems instead of you. They will be an active listener to your concerns and will analyze them in order to make suggestions about the steps you should take. However, these are, by no means, “doctor’s orders.” And the counselor will not do your work for you. Rather, they will help you help yourself. They will offer a different, impartial, perspective on your situation, which will, hopefully, lead to finding the right solutions.
  2. It will not be easy. Therapy doesn’t always feel good. The perfect outcome is, indeed, an improved way of thinking and living, but until you get there, you will have to sweat. In most cases, hard decisions will have to be made, which will take you out of your comfort zone in the short run.
  3. A therapist is a professional, not a mother or another relative. Not even a friend. Psychologists are highly educated to use an objective, scientifically approach to the solving of personal problems. Of course, they have to be approachable and sympathetic (otherwise people wouldn’t go to them) but they also have to maintain some professional distance to be able to have a clearer view of the situation and be able to better analyze it.
  4. People who use psychological services are neither “crazy” nor “weak,” so don’t be afraid to become one of them. It takes courage to admit and face your problems in order to deal with them. So, you should feel no shame to seek the assistance of a therapist.

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