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My daughter and I got very scared when the neighbor's dog came to our yard and started to bark. Kimberly was very frightened, and every time she saw a dog on TV, she would hide under the blanket in fear. I realized that this could be a potential problem when she grew up, and this is why I started looking for a professional child therapist on the Internet. I am so glad that we found you. Thanks to you, she is not scared of dogs anymore!

My little boy is a little shy and impressionable. Last week, a friend of his fell down the stairs of their school and broke his arm. Lenny was so frightened that he became very upset when he had to go down any stairs. I had to find a child therapist that could help us, and this is how we found you. Thank you for helping him!

Great counselor!! It was very helpful i know that a marriage is work and it takes 2 to make or break it.

Helpful counseling!!! It`s helping us to work on communicating with each other and helping H to answer the big `why` question.

Excellent Psychologist!!! My daughter was struggling at school and with making friends. We found out that she had ADD and we were able to get her the help she needs. She is now getting great grades, completing her homework and now actually turning it in! Thank you!